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Street wear is only accepted until you arrive at the changing room. A well-kept, well-groomed look is expected and assumed.


What we recommend for ladies

Choose erotic lingerie that suits your body shape (e.g. stockings, suspenders, thong, French knickers, baby doll, corset, bustier, body) with stilettos or sexy boots, but if you prefer comfort, you can also wear slippers or just be barefoot. It may sound unusual, but you can feel good in lingerie in the presence of strangers, and we know from experience that this anxiety disappears and your special outfit becomes natural within a few minutes.

It is important to choose clothes in which you feel good.


What we recommend for gentlemen

The choice here is way more modest. Nice underwear (e.g. boxers) a T shirt (optional), and slippers (I really do not recommend stilettos). The more adventurous can choose some kind of special shorts in a sex shop.


Club is available by phone from 5.00pm.

Phone: +36 30-606-9345
Email: info@tiktakswinger.hu

Hungary Budaörs, Árpád utca 23.