At Tik-Tak Swinger we take special care that everyone is in a safe and happy environment. For this reason all illegal activities (drugs, prostitution or any kind of trade) are strictly forbidden. Those having consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and / or showing disruptive behaviour are asked to leave.

Food and drinks can only be consumed in the dining area and the bar. Never put your glass on the floor, since it can easily break and cause injury.

Small bags, telephones and cameras must be kept in the lockers; these cannot be taken to the inner area of the swinger club. If you are expecting an important call, you may leave your phone with the stuff and ask them to tell you if you had a missed call. If there is anything you would like to take to the playing area (e.g. vibrator, lubricant, etc.) make sure to put them in a transparent plastic bag, so that anyone can see it is not a recording device.

Both men and women can say ‘no’ to anyone anytime, an explanation is not necessary.

Please place used towels in the blue baskets. It is not decent to leave them around, so that other couples have to get rid of them. Always clean up the place when you finish. Never leave used condoms around even for an instance, for both health and culture reasons. Always put them in the bin right after use. Also, dispose of the package of the condom, its edge can cause injuries of the skin.

Please always keep this etiquette, so that you, and all of the other guests can have uninterrupted fun at the Tik-Tak Swinger Club.


Club is available by phone from 5.00pm.

Phone: +36 30-606-9345

Hungary Budaörs, Árpád utca 23.